The AMF’s twelfth Annual Conference, on the theme of "New risks and globalized finance", will be held on:
Monday 16 November 2015 (5:00 pm-7:00 pm)
Pavillon Cambon (Potel & Chabot) – 46, rue Cambon – 75001 Paris
Following the Greek crisis in Europe, the markets were rattled by the correction in Chinese equities, worries over global growth and uncertainty as to the pace at which the Fed will normalise its monetary policy.
In an uncertain macroeconomic environment, the notion of financial risk has rarely been so protean. Although financing growth and investment remains a priority – which for France means encouraging more savings to be used to finance long-term projects like the energy transition –, international financial stability over the shorter term has been impacted by the new regulations put in place since the 2008 crisis and by expansionary policies led by the monetary authorities.
What would be the consequences of an interest-rate hike in the new regulatory framework? Would the new regulatory requirements weigh on market liquidity? Could large-scale asset reallocation by investors change the functioning of the markets?
The financial sector must also now consider the shifting of the present forces. Beyond the financial institutions of the banking and insurance sectors, the growth of shadow banking is creating new areas of risk that must be taken into consideration. Should asset management be more heavily regulated in this respect? Lastly, as the markets become increasingly interconnected, what are the dangers associated with technological innovation, cyber risks and the race for speed?

Close of registrations: Tuesday 10 November 2015